V&A immersive experience

You will be transported to Rodin’s studio from the past surrounded by sculptures, tools and artworks created by an artist within a space open to witness a future collaboration between man and machine. The fashion pieces will be be generated through data labs and personal inputs to create a Eureka experience or an AHA! moment coined by Archimedes.
Designers and creatives will work hand in hand with machines and data intelligence to inform their personal practices taking on board new or future trends appealing to wider audiences. Through this virtual experience we will aim to uncover this interplay and tap into and discover new roles or future jobs. With the rise of ai and robotics the way artists in which, creatives function with machines will become a partnership, aiming always for a more sustainable and enriched outcome that will challenge the current modes of fast fashion.

New Technology being demonstrated.

The King’s College Audio group has recently developed two surround sound methodologies: (i)
Perceptual Sound Field Reconstruction (PSR) – a multichannel technology for sound field capture and
reconstruction in a manner that significantly improves the stability of the sweet spot over state-of-the-art
technologies (e.g. Ambisonics) (ii) Scattering Delay Network (SDN), for real time simulation of dynamic
sound fields in acoustic spaces, that achieves a step advance in perceptual fidelity over other real-time
acoustic simulators. Combined together these technologies offer unprecedented capabilities for designing
and rendering dynamic soundscapes in real time and embedding them in desired virtual spaces, which
could also be changed in real time.

Pigment Channel R&D

Documenting and capturing all moments is so relevant to living a ‘normal’ post internet lifestyle, sharing every happening to the world, through various social media channels. Living a truman show lifestyle through mobile phones, creating your own MTV reality tv channel, recording content for our self generated personalised audiences and becoming an online influencer has become so NOW!.
Insta this, Tweet that, Blog this, pinterest that are words which are becoming more part of the digital native living in the hyper televised world of today. Sharing data is becoming a natural part of our everyday
and moving now into a more virtual world might be our new escapism.
During this digital experience looking into the history of colour, paint, materials and their compositional values and how they are shaped throughout history. During a recent residency with Winsor and Newton, decoding the history of the brand, breaking down the meaning of colour and it’s scientific values, the word ‘Lake pigment’ came up and how colour and paint changed how artists weaved this knowledge through fashion, design and art.
This virtual experience will show these new digital tools and how they will change are experience of colour, paint and creativity in the near future. Artists in the past would use certain pigments to add luminosity to the artwork or translucency to the way skin, fabric, texture was rendered.
Today Lake pigments are woven into many parts of fashion and design used for lipstick, makeup, garments, medication, paints and dyes. This virtual lab will try to decode these different mediums and
open a dialogue with audiences to understand more how pigment/design plays such a major role today.