Virtual Archiving

Virtual Archiving a process of selecting artists, makers, designers, performers and radicals to re-enact the way they work. Artists over the years of thinking, playing, discussing, sharing and producing would have built up a certain vocabulary of creating. Artists looking to learn from history has always helped the future generations grow and move forward quicker, with more progression. Virtual Archiving is a place where artist will be documented in a new immersive way to enhance the learning experience.  “Archivists keep records that have enduring value as reliable memories of the past, and they help people find and understand the information they need in those records.” An archivist (AR-kiv-ist) is an information professional who assesses, collects, organises, preserves, maintains control over, and...

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V&A immersive Rodin Sculpture space

You will be transported to Rodin’s studio from the past surrounded by sculptures, tools and artworks created by an artist within a space open to witness a future collaboration between man and machine. The fashion pieces will be be generated through data labs and personal inputs to create a Eureka experience or an AHA! moment coined by Archimedes. Designers and creatives will work hand in hand with machines and data intelligence to inform their personal practices taking on board new or future trends appealing to wider audiences. Through this virtual experience we will aim to uncover this interplay and tap into and discover new roles or future jobs. With the rise of ai and robotics the way artists in which,...

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